Real Annoying Sounds

            Real Annoying Sounds
Dexati LLC /
x86, x64, ARM
Age rating: 12+
Release Notes:
Publisher`s description - Real Annoying Sounds
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Annoying sounds to drive your friends crazy!
Great soundboard for the most annoying sounds on earth, including Baby Crying, Baby Girl Crying, Man Snore, Female Snoring, Annoying Burp Sound, Annoying loud Scream, 1990's Alarm sound, High Bass sound, Metal Whining, Metal Screeching, Wood cracking, Car Alarm, Car Horn, Car Honk Long, loud scream, Scooter Horn, ship horn, Police Siren.
The Baby sounds included get any kids excited. The screaming sounds included can scare anyone.

Annoy your friends with these very annoying sounds any time of day. Your friends or family annoying you, take a revenge on them with this most annoying sounds.

Now you can even loop any sound you want. Annoy people with sounds and have fun. Please use your judgment when to use and when not to annoy people with the sounds.

Annoy everybody in earshot! And the best part of's all free. The weird sounds of Annoying soundboard is great entertainer.

  • Various annoying sounds to annoy friend/family for entertainment
  • In app volume control and the ability to loop the sounds forever
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Real Annoying Sounds
Real Annoying Sounds